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Jacki brings a unique style and approach to her work.  In a world where death has become medicalized, she believes it is essential that it returns to its natural, sacred place in our culture.

Death, as a part of life, has been removed from our cultural norms. Prior to the industrial revolution, death occurred in the home. It was a natural part of life, with the family intimately involved in caring for their loved ones at the end-of-life in the home and after death.  Things changed with the advent of hospitals, as families began allowing the medical system to take over this sacred honor. What was once a natural journey cascaded into being a taboo subject, tucked away, shrouded in mystery. 

With mystery comes fear of the unknown. Knowledge and experience are empowering. Jacki brings a new way of learning about death with an approach of seeing it as part of life, and facing fears head-on.


" When I answered the 'call' of hospice nursing, I had no idea how deeply my life would be impacted.

Yes, death was a part of my life through caring for the dying. However, I never fathomed how death would become a part of my life, personally. Over time, I awakened to the importance of living each moment, with the end in mind. Fully integrating this into my life was transformative- in amazing ways!"

Jacki has made living mindful of mortality a way of life. She acknowledges death as her silent companion in life and guides others in doing the same. She teaches the process of weaving the threads of life into the tapestry of the soul's journey at the end of life. 


If you would like support on your journey, into a new way, a new approach, or if you are seeking information about planning and preparation,  Jacki is here to walk with you...

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For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one.
~Kahlil Gibran


You guided all of us through unchartered territory, patiently listening and teaching us. Your reassurance and explanations gave us resilience. We will never forget you.

- Traci 

I would highly recommend the Death as a Part of Life Program. It was thought-provoking, enriching, and transformative for me. Jacki is very knowledgeable, offering valuable insights and sharing her stories.


Working with Jacki was transformative and exceeded my expectations. She is so down-to-earth, helpful and really knows her stuff. I look forward to continuing to explore this "work" even more deeply.


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Jacki witnessed the effects of being unprepared for death firsthand. Her book, Attending to the End, offers readers the opportunity to stop avoiding the inevitable and start planning for it. Additionally, they are encouraged to prepare for death by making death a part of life, living mindful of mortality. 

This working guide provides prompts for unpacking thoughts and feelings about life and death in an easy-to-follow question and answer format; a step-by-step process for scripting end-of-life wishes; a section designed for family after their loved one's death that allows them to take care of business in an organized manner. 

The book is published in a loose-leaf format with tabs for each section, allowing for the reader to add documents and remove pages, to comfortably answer questions offered for consideration.

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Now available as e-Book for $8

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