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changing the way we look at death

Planning and preparing for the end-of-life helps bring you and your loved ones peace now.  Jacki is here to help...

Planning. Preparation. Practices

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Peace through preparation.

Jacki serves as your end-of-life guide by assisting you with all aspects of preparing for your death.

Getting your affairs in order by completing Advance Directives is important and often a good place to start.

However, planning and preparation is a multi-layer process encompassing such important aspects as the exploration of fears around death and dying, completing a living life review, scripting last days wishes, and integrating sacredness at the end-of-life and after-death.

Not sure where to start? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation for guidance in moving forward.

Assistance with your Journey

Dedication. Expertise. Compassion.

Making death a part of life means we change our relationship with death by looking at it, with eyes wide open. By doing so, we also open opportunities for forgiveness, reconciliation and letting go of our attachments during life and at the end of life.

The Sacred Leave-Taking Journey

All of us will die and while this is inescapable and thinking about it may feel overwhelming, denying it robs us of fully experiencing life. It also impacts our death.

The acceptance of our mortality influences not only our experience with death but also with life.

To live mindful of mortality doesn't mean we obsess over it. 


When we live mindful of mortality, we live courageously, in a more conscious way. By nurturing our relationship with death we begin to prepare for it. 

Jacki walks with you through the processes of deep reflection, life review, reconciliation and integration in this journey.

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This journey is for you if you...

Have a deep curiosity about the inter-relatedness of

life and death.

Long to delve into your fears of death honestly and openly.

Desire to explore your life and death deeply and  mindfully.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Sacred Space

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Jacki holds a safe, nonjudgmental, limitless, sacred space for you as she supports you on your journey of learning. This space creates room for trust, vulnerability and discovery. 

Within this sacredness you will know that you are fully accepted and supported.

She does not provide any answers for you but nurtures your connection to your source of inner wisdom. It is this connection that elicits awareness, cultivates self-compassion and detachment on your path.

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