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changing the way we look at death

Jacki's mission of empowering others through education is carried out in varied means of delivery and support services. Education is provided via online classes, discussion groups, workshops, in-person speaking events, seminars, retreats and private sessions

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Education. Preparation. Transformation


Jacki supports you wherever you are on your journey of living & dying or whether it is support for a loved one. She understands that this can be an uncomfortable process and walks with you at your unique pace.

Educational offerings include classes, presentations and trainings- live and virtual- to individuals, families, groups and organizations. Topics are varied- from Advance Directives to returning death to its natural, sacred place.

Planning and preparing for death can be overwhelming. Or, perhaps, you do not know where to begin. Jacki can help you with completing your Advance Directives, creating a legacy project, as well as understanding the progression of chronic disease and what to expect when nearing death. 

The Death as a Part of Life Process  promotes the integration of a mindfulness of mortality into your life. This fundamental shift cultivates an authentic life in present moment awareness, weaving together living and dying in one singular focus. Jacki guides you through this transformative process of living, creating space for assimilation and integration.

Jacki also focuses on returning death to its natural, sacred place in the circle of life, by serving as a Home Funeral Guide and Green (Natural) Burial Consultant.

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Changing the way we look at death

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