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changing the way we look at death

Sacred death-care with full presence, humility and love, using ritual and ceremony.


the soul's journey home

Jacki is devoted and dedicated to returning death to its natural sacred place. Serving as a Home Funeral Guide and Green Burial Consultant (and soon, Funeral Celebrant) are a couple of ways she works towards this end. 

A century ago, after-death care was provided by the family and community. People were born in the home. They died in the home. Family members cared for the body after death, provided a wake in the home, built the coffin for burial and dug the grave. 

Today, Baby Boomers are forging a path, circling back around to these by-gone days, seeking alternatives to what's become known as the modern funeral. 

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Did you know...

  • Embalming is not required by Ohio Law

  • A deceased loved one can stay in the home up to 24 hours after death 

  • You can transport your loved one's body to the burial site

Green Burials

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Environmentally sustainable, conservation of natural resources, while honoring the loved one by returning the body to nature. 

No embalming. No concrete vault. Body is placed in a biodegradable coffin or wrapped in a shroud of natural fiber.

Services include guidance with paperwork process and completion, as well as, support during burial.


Home Funerals

Basic Services include providing techni-ice to cool the body; instruction to family regarding cooling and caring for the body and contact with family while decedent is in the home- virtually or by phone.

Additional services available upon request.

A non-commercial, family-centered funeral that involves the family and its community in caring for and preparing the body after death, for burial or cremation. Rituals and ceremonies in the home may also be included.

As a Home Funeral Guide, Jacki may assist the family with instruction regarding bathing and dressing the body; laying the body out on a bed, sofa or table in the living room; educating family on cooling the body.

Additional assistance with visitation or the wake in the home is available.

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