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Sacred Leave-Taking

"I believe that it is incumbent upon me to carry the torch forward into the future, creating a culture where death is seen as natural and sacred, where fears are dissipated and where curiosity, as well as, courage is cultivated, while maintaining the sanctity of leave-taking."



In a culture where our leave-taking has become medicalized,

Jacki believes it is essential that it returns to its natural, sacred place.

Death, as a part of life, has been removed from our cultural norms. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, death occurred in the home. It was a natural part of life, with family and community intimately involved in caring for the dying in the home and after death. The changes were propelled forward with the advent of hospitals, as families began allowing the medical system to take over the sacred honor of caring for their dying. 

We now bear witness to the effects of relinquishing this care: what was once a natural, sacred journey is now a taboo subject, tucked away, shrouded in mystery. With mystery comes fear of the unknown.

Knowledge and experience is empowering.

Removing the sacredness of our leave-taking and medicalizing it, is having unforeseen consequences on our humanness. The focus at the end-of-life has become increasingly clinical, seeing the body's natural process of dying as something needing "fixed" and controlled. This is the medical field's "solution" to dying. We need, once again, to remember what it means to see our leave-taking as sacred process in our soul's journey. Jacki believes our humanity depends on it. 

Jacki's commitment to honoring the sacredness of our leave-taking is at the core of all she does. She brings a unique style and approach to her work, assisting others to prepare for the soul's journey home: guiding them towards making death a part of life through practical knowledge and planning, sacred practices, and ceremony. 


Jacki recognizes death as her silent companion in life- not as something to fear- and guides others in doing the same. She teaches the process of weaving the threads of life into the tapestry of the soul's journey of leave-taking. 


If you would like support on your journey, into a new way, a new approach, or if you are just curious to discover this new way of seeing life and death, Jacki would love to meet you. 

Welcome. You are in the right place. It's an honor to serve you. 

Jacki Mann

Jacki has had diverse experience that brings breadth and depth to everything she does. Her skills have been honed not only within the traditional medical system but also within the field of complementary and alternative medicine/therapy. 

Jacki's work with the dying and their loved ones has been an incredible blessing, for they have served to help her become viscerally aware of the frailty of life and the sanctity of leave-taking.

The dying have been her teacher- about death and life. 

This work is love in action. Sometimes raw, but always real. It is gentle, tender, humbling, deeply awe-inspiring, and a blessing in every way.


End-of-Life Doula

Home Funeral Guide

Green Burial Consultant

Living & Dying Guide

Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

(former) Certified Hospice &

Palliative Care Nurse


"The only death that I had witnessed prior to becoming a hospice nurse was my grandfather's. After being diagnosed with a terminal disease in the hospital, he made the decision to go home to die. His last days were filled with laughter and care by our family. We were fortunate and grateful for his peaceful, serene death. 


A couple of years later I began my work as a hospice nurse. Soon I discovered that my grandfather's was not today's norm. What I witnessed in my work, more often than not, was quite contrary to my grandfather's death. I was disheartened and dismayed to see the tumult and chaos and how the medical system's answer was to treat death as a clinical process. I was also taken aback by how ill-prepared  many of us are - not only to die, but to care for our dying. With deep curiosity, I wondered how I might be an agent for change." 

And thus, my work began...

Dry Woods

Sacred Leave-Taking

Jacki holds an open, limitless, sacred space for you on your journey of preparation, practices, rituals and exploration into your journey of leave-taking. This space creates room for trust, vulnerability and discovery. 

She also nurtures our connection to your Divine source. This connection elicits awareness, cultivates self-compassion and detachment on your journey. Within this sacredness you will know that you are fully accepted and supported.

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