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changing the way we look at death

"I believe that it is incumbent upon me to carry the torch forward into the future, creating a culture where death is seen as natural and sacred, where fears are faced and where curiosity, as well as, courage is cultivated and nurtured- by looking at death unabashedly. Making death part of life."

Jacki Mann

Educator-Speaker | Coach-Guide | Mentor

"When I answered the "call" of hospice nursing, I  had no idea how deeply my life would be impacted.

Yes, death was a part of my life through caring for the dying. However, I never fathomed how death would become a part of my life, personally. 

Over time, I awakened to the importance of living each moment, with the end in mind. Fully integrating this into my life, was transformative- in amazing ways!

Now I guide others in this process...through an evocative. supportive approach."

A nurse for over 30 years, Jacki has had diverse experience that brings breadth and depth to her work. Her skills have been honed not only within the traditional medical system but also within the field of complementary and alternative medicine/therapy. 

Jacki's work as a certified hospice & palliative care nurse and end-of-life doula- with dying patients and their families- has been an incredible blessing for they have served to help her become viscerally aware of the frailty of life. 

The dying have been her teacher- about death and life.



Jacki Mann RN, CHPN, CLC

End-of-Life Doula

Living & Dying Coach

Certified Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse

Urban Zen Integrative Therapist


"The only death that I had witnessed prior to becoming a hospice nurse was my grandfather's. After being diagnosed with a terminal disease in the hospital, he made the decision to go home to die. His last days were filled with laughter and care by our family. We were fortunate and grateful for his peaceful, serene death. 


A couple of years later I began my work as a hospice nurse. Soon I discovered that my grandfather's death had actually been an anomaly. What I witnessed in my work, more often than not, was quite contrary to my grandfather's death. I was disheartened and dismayed to see the tumult and chaos. I was taken aback by how ill-prepared we are as a society, not only to die, but to care for our dying. With deep curiosity, I wondered not only how we got here but how I might be an agent for change." 

And thus, my work began...

Dry Woods

Death as a Part of Life

Jacki holds a safe, nonjudgmental, limitless, sacred space for you as she supports you on your journey of learning. This space creates room for trust, vulnerability and discovery. 

Within this sacredness you will know that you are fully accepted and supported.

She does not provide any answers for you but nurtures your connection to your source of inner wisdom. It is this connection that elicits awareness, cultivates self-compassion and detachment on your path.

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