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Celebrant Services

Jacki serves families of a deceased loved one through after-death celebrant services: assisting with funeral service planning and design; writing or assisting in the writing of the eulogy; creating tributes and conducting services- Funeral, Memorial, Celebration of Life and Farewell Rituals & Ceremonies.


Why are funerals, memorials and celebrations important?

Honoring our deceased loved ones are critically important in paying homage to a life lived and valuing our memories of them. What type of service is inconsequential. It is a time to honor the life of the deceased and to comfort the grieving. 

Throughout history cultures have honored their dead in unique ways. The Egyptians renowned for ornate funeral rites and customs, believed that properly sending off their dead equipped them in their journey into eternity. The Greeks and Romans were known to revere their dead with sacrifices and offerings signifying their transcendence into the after-life.

Protecting the sacred tradition of honoring our dead through ceremony is vital to sustaining a deep-rooted value in human life and their meaning in our lives.

Celebrant Services available:

  • Designing the Funeral or Memorial Service  (including music, readings, bulletins)

  • Writing the eulogy or assisting with writing the eulogy

  • Creating Tributes

  • Conducting the Celebration of Life ceremony 

  • Ash-scattering rituals

  • Pet funerals

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